Canada Visa New Policy Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program Requirements for Pakistani Student applying for Canadian Study Visa from 29th July 2019.

26th July 2019: The following announcement are expected to take place from 29th July 2019 for students applying for Canada Study Visa under SDS Visa Category from Pakistan:

The following additional criteria is expected come into effect:

  • All applications must be filed online; and
  • The immigration medical examination must be completed upfront (evidence must be provided in the application submission).

The processing service standard for SDS cases will be reduced from 20 days to 20 days. These cases will be processed at the Case Processing Centre – Edmonton in Canada.

The mandatory e-App requirement will allow us to expedite the SDS cases and also reduce the intake volumes overseas. Note that the processing service standard for non-SDS cases is 60 days.

The following mentioned current criteria under SDS will remain the same:

  • Valid Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from a DLI;
  • Tuition paid for one full year;
  • GIC for CAD $10,000; and
  • IELTS score of 6.0 or higher in each of the four bands for English, or TEF score of B2 (NCLC 7) or higher for French.

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